Ujjwala Customers


It has been observed that presence of young girls and women in the household can accelerate households switching to LPG. Also younger girls are more receptive to the idea of LPGsafety. Therefore it is important that young girls and women from the village/ hamlet are invited to the LPG Panchayat and their active participation is encouraged. It issuggested that one-fourth of the participants of the LPG Panchayat are younger girls and women.

One local woman leader

A teacher/a nurse/doctor/ health worker, a police person, a businesswoman, a social/ political activist, an advocate or an artist.

Local ASHA workers

Who are in regular touch with the community particularly women.

Aanganwadi workers

Involved in cooking meals for children.

Primary School teachers , Mid Day Meal Coordinators, Bhojan Matas

Involved in cooking Mid Day Meal often on fuel wood chulha.

NRLM Community Mobilizers

Who work with women on savings/SH Gs.

Women Panchayat representatives and other local community leaders

Influentialwomen of the area.